Animal Control

Animal Control

The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw is enforced by Klassic Kennels Animal Control Services. To contact our animal control officer if you have an animal related issue in Delburne, please call 403-506-9380. Their hours of operation for non-urgent calls are 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday. If you have an after-hours emergency, please call the above number and the answering service will put you through to an on-call officer.

For more information about Animal Control Services, visit their website:
Delburne Council Passes The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw

The Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw #1166/2020 passed third and final reading on May 11, 2021. This bylaw provides licensing, regulating and confinement of both dogs and cats within the Village of Delburne. Cat owners are encouraged to be responsible pet owners just like what is expected of dog owners.

Residents will be eased into the bylaw through an information and education period. Council has made the decision that for the rest of 2021, cat owners will not be charged for licenses but they are encouraged to register with the Village and receive cat tags.

Animal Control will be responding to cat complaints however a cat trapping policy will be in place to protect the welfare of the cat. Those who wish to trap cats will be required to sign an agreement and contact Animal Control prior to trapping.

Residents can request a copy of the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw at the Village office or view at the link below.

More information will be communicated to residents in the coming weeks to become familiar with the new bylaw.

For bylaw questions, please contact the Village office: 403-749-3606 or village(at)

For animal control situations please contact Animal Control Services: 403-506-9380


Click below to view Bylaw #1166/2020:
Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw


Cat and Dog Licenses

While pets are welcome in our Village, cat and dog licences are required and irresponsible owners are subject to prosecution. Cats and dogs running at large are subject to impoundment.

If you are new to the Village or have a new cat or dog, you need to register your pet at the Village office to get a licence. If you pet is spayed or neutered, documentation is required the first time you register them. 


Pet Fees

If the license is paid before January 31 of the year, or if the owner purchases a license before owning an animal for 30 days, or if an owner purchases a license within 30 days of moving to Delburne, the fees are as follows:

Altered Animal (spayed or neutered) $15.00
Unaltered Animal (not spayed or neutered) $30.00
The replacement cost for a lost tag is $5.00

After January 31 of the year, pet license fees are:

Altered Animal (spayed or neutered) $25.00
Unaltered Animal (not spayed or neutered) $50.00


Download the form here:

Pet Licensing Application Form



Animal Complaints

If you have a complaint about a cat or dog, please fill out the Animal Complaint Form which can be downloaded at the link below.

If you have a complaint about dogs barking, Animal Control Services requires that the barking be tracked for 5 days. There is a spreadsheet on page two of the complaint form.

More information will come regarding cat trapping as we navigate the new Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw and work with Animal Control Services.

To contact Animal Control Services, please call 403-506-9380.

Animal Complaint Form



Off Leash Dog Park

Delburne has a fenced, off-leash area located on the DECRA grounds between the outdoor rink and the skate park. This is a great space to let your furry fido run unabashedly! Otherwise, all dogs must be leashed while in public spaces. All park areas are designated "No Dogs Allowed" that must be adhered to and are subject to fines.


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