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Fiber Optics Construction Alley Clean Up

The fiber optics network crew will be driving through Delburne twice a week to assess and clean up the mess in the alleys that has resulted from the fiber optics construction. This will be an ongoing project as the weather becomes warmer and the ground thaws. In the meantime, if possible, please try and park on street to give the alleys time to dry.

If you have any questions about this please contact: Tether Communications 1-844-905-0690




At the Village of Delburne, honesty and transparency are of the utmost importance. We strive to be the first and main source of information to people with questions and concerns. We are imploring the community to contact us directly with any inquiries. We have an open door policy and we will make time to address any concerns. We also ask that you trust the information that we provide to you as we pride ourselves on our authenticity.

We have been informed that there are many rumours being spread around the community regarding the Fiber Optics Network project. We have been accused of being dishonest when answering questions about financing the project. Please know that we have not provided any false information to those who have inquired about the financial aspect of the fiber optics network.  We would like to address these accusations and clear up any misinformation.