Yard Waste Trailer

Yard Waste Trailer

As of Tuesday, April 6th, the yard waste trailer is out for use. Please see below for more information.


The Yard Waste Trailer is available throughout the spring, summer, and autumn until the snow flies!

Please note: The trailer is put out in the Spring and put away in the Fall depending on the weather. It does not necessarily mean that the trailer is out on the first day of Spring and put away on the first day of Fall. 

The Trailer conveniently parked in different locations throughout the Village to collect yard waste. This is a popular service to our residents, especially for those who find it difficult to transport large amounts of garden waste to the Dry Dump.

Only yard waste is allowed. Acceptable items: grass clippings, weeds, leaves and branches.

Please do not deposit animal feces, dirt, or garbage bags in the trailer.

Trailer Location Schedule:
  • Monday - 19 St. & 27 Ave.
  • Tuesday - 21 St. & 26 Ave.
  • Wednesday - 20 St. & 18 Ave.
  • Thursday - 21 St. & 22 Ave.
  • Friday - 18 St. & 22 Ave.