Property Taxes

Property Taxes

Combined Property Assessments and Tax Notices are mailed out mid-May each year.  

Afterwards if a reprint of your Combined Property Assessment and Tax Notice is needed, requests can be made at the Village Office for a fee of $10.00 as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw #1171/2021.


2021 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices

The 2021 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices for the Village of Delburne were mailed on May 14, 2021. 

View the Notice of Preparation and Mailing of 2021 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices at the link below:

2021 Assessment & Tax Notice Ad


2021 Combined Assessment & Tax Notice Information

Included in the mailed out 2021 Combined Assessment and Tax Notices was an information insert explaining the distribution of tax dollars, payment options, police funding, assessment complaints, and more.

Click the link below to view the document:

2021 Combined Assessment & Tax Information


Property Assessment Roll

View the 2020 Property Assessment Roll for the 2021 Tax Year by clicking the link below:

2020 Assessment Roll


Property Assessment Complaints

Assessment complaints must be filed within 60 days from the date of the mailing of notice and must be filed using the Government of Alberta "Assessment Review Complaint Form (number LGS1402) available by contacting the Municipal Office at 403-749-3606 or by going online to the Government of Alberta's website:

Property Assessment Complaints


Tax Certificate Requests

Tax certificates are $65.00 as per the Fees & Charges Bylaw #1171/2021. Cheques can be made out to the Village of Delburne.

To make a tax certificate request please email village(at) and provide a scanned copy of the cheque. 

We will email out an electronic version of the tax certificate. Once the cheque arrives, we will mail out an official sealed tax certificate. 


Village of Delburne Tax Bylaws


To view Delburne Tax Bylaws, please click on the links below:

2021 Tax Rate Bylaw
2020 Tax Rate Bylaw
2019 Tax Rate Bylaw
Tax Installment Payment Plan Bylaw
Delburne Tax Discount Bylaw
Tax Penalty Bylaw No. 1136/2018
Central Alberta Regional Assessment Review Board Bylaw


Property Taxes - Payment Plans

Check out the December 2019 edition of Delburne in Detail to find out the details of our property tax payment plans.

There is the 4% Discount Property Tax program. Sign up starting January 1st. Deadline to register is January 31st.

There is also the Monthly Tax Installment Payment Plan. Sign up starting January 1st.  If paying with cheques the deadline to register is January 14th. If paying by automatic withdrawal the deadline to register is January 24th.

Click the link below for more information:

Delburne in Detail - Property Taxes