Public Works

Click the image below to view the results of the Public Works Equipment that was For Sale by Tender. Highest bidders will be contacted to make arrangements and all other bidders will have their deposits returned.

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Gary Rusaw - Public Works Foreman: Send Email
Steve Buckland - Assistant Foreman: Send Email

Hours: 7:00 am. - 3:30 pm.
Phone: 403.749.3607
After hours emergency: 403.749.3607

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Public Works Building: 1818 23rd Street (Township Road 374). Access to the Public Works building is available from 19th Avenue.

Our Public Works department is a dedicated team handpicked to guarantee our Village runs smoothly and efficiently with high regard to safety and aesthetics of our community.

With many years of experience and certifications under their belts the Public Works team is responsible for ensuring the Village has safe drinking water, streets and avenues are well maintained in all seasons, the sewer system is up to date and runs smoothly, the local recycling dump is always maintained and monitored, as well as the beautification of our many parks, walking trails, and recreation areas.


Property Maintenance

Though our Public Works team has a big responsibility in maintaining our community, it is also the responsibility of the landowner to make sure that their property is kept up and does not become unsightly.  Therefore, Delburne has a Nuisance Bylaw (Property Maintenance) to enforce minimum standards relating to the state of repair & maintenance of property and to regulate, control and abate nuisances, including unsightly premises. 

Nuisance Bylaw (Property Maintenance)
Public Works Fees (& GST)
Skid Steer with Operator $100.00/hr Minimum of 1 hour
Two Ton Truck with Operator $100.00/hr Minimum of 1 hour
Three Ton Truck with Operator $100.00/hr Minimum of 1 hour
Mower with Operator $50.00/hr Minimum of 1 hour
General Labour $35.00/hr Minimum of 1 hour

The above Public Works Fees are noted in Bylaw No. 1171/2021 - The Fees & Charges Bylaw

Garbage & Recycling

For information about the collection of garbage & recycling, as well as the RV Sani Dump Station, the Dry Dump and the nearest landfill, visit our Garbage & Recyling page.



For information regarding water, sewer, electricity and gas services in Delburne, visit our Utilities page.


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