Public Works

Gary Rusaw - Public Works Foreman: Send Email
Steve Buckland - Assistant Foreman: Send Email

Hours - 7:00am. - 3:30 pm.
Phone - 403-749-3607
After hour emergency 403-749-3607

Our Public Works department is a dedicated team handpicked to guarantee our Village runs smoothly and efficiently with high regard to safety and aesthetics of our community.

With many years of experience and certifications under their belts the Public Works team is responsible for ensuring the Village has safe drinking water, streets and avenues are well maintained in all seasons, the sewer system is up to date and runs smoothly, the local recycling dump is always maintained and monitored, as well as the beautification of our many parks, walking trails, and recreation areas. Household Garbage: Curbside pickup is every Monday with a 5 bag limit.

The Recycling Depot and Dry Dump is a convenient and easy way to discard some of your recycling items and yard waste.

Accepted items include:

  1. Computers & accessories,
  2. televisions, 
  3. cardboard,
  4. plastic and tin cans,
  5. yard waste (grass clippings, garden refuse),
  6. burnable materials (wood, pallets, tree branches).

Located at RR 233 on the East side of Fawn Meadows Golf Course.

  • Summer hours are Tuesdays 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm and Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm
  • Starting May 1st of each year through to September 30th.
  • Winter hours are Tuesdays 2:00 - 5:00 and Saturdays 9 am - 1 pm
  • Starting October 1st through to April 30th.

Curbside Recycling:

Delburne's recycling pick-up schedule is every other Friday. Please have materials out for collection by 7:30 am on collection day. Please bundle or tie loose cardboard, place light items on the bottom of bin and paper items in a grocery bag so they don't blow out, and put all plastic grocery bags into one bag and tie it. Recyclables are paper, plastic, cardboard, clean tin cans and electronics. Dry dump accepts clean unpainted lumber, grass clippings, garden refuse and tree trimmings.

Yard & Garden Refuse Trailer:

The Garden Refuse Trailer is available at the below locations throughout the spring, summer, and autumn until the snow flys! Each Spring, Summer, and early Autumn Delburne's Garden Refuse Trailer is conveniently parked in different locations throughout the Village to collect your yard waste. This is a popular service to our residents, especially for those who find it difficult to transport large amounts of garden waste to the Dry Dump. Only yard waste is allowed.

  • Monday - 19th St. & 27th Ave.
  • Tuesday - 21 St. & 26th Ave.
  • Wednesday - 20th St. & 18th Ave.
  • Thursday - 21 St. & 22 Ave.
  • Friday - 18th St. & 22 Ave.

Utilities Retailers & Distributors:

The Alberta Government Utilities Consumer Advocate website gives a list of Utility Retailers and Distributors by Postal Code. If you're new to the area or are curious about what options you have as a consumer click on the link below.