Hall Rental Rules

Hall Rental Rules
  • The Delburne Community Hall is a non-smoking facility.
  • No liquor can be left in the hall overnight. 
  • No decorations on the painted walls, light fixtures or fans.
  • Decorations are permitted on the vertical wood slats and the North and South walls with tacks only. Please remove when finished.
  • No confetti of any kind.
  • Do not remove existing items from walls.
  • Do not move the piano.
  • No open flames in the hall.
  • No unattended children on the stage, behind the stage, coat room or kitchen.
  • No frying food in the hall.
  • No RV trailers can be parked overnight in the Hall parking lot. Delburne has a few options for RV parking. Visit our Camping & Accommodations page for more information.
  • The tenant is responsible for completing the tenant checklist before they leave the hall. The checklist outlines clean up duties such as garbage removal, putting back chairs & tables as well as tidying the kitchen and bar areas. 
  • Renters are asked to please report any problems, concerns, missing supplies, damage, etc., on the tenant checklist.
  • Extra cleaning or damages to premises will be deducted from the damage deposit.

The Delburne Community Hall is a designated Emergency Reception Centre that may be used in the event of an emergency by the Village of Delburne or Red Deer County.  If your event is disrupted by an emergency situation, the Village of Delburne or Red Deer County may consider reimbursement for any losses.

Do you have a question about the Hall? Contact us at the Village of Delburne:

Phone: 403-749-3606

Email: village(at)delburne.ca

Village Office: 2111 20th St

Village Mailing Address:
Box 341
Delburne, AB T0M 0V0

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