Outdoor Rink

Outdoor Rink

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]Delburne's outdoor rink is located east of the arena. This boarded rink allows for skating and hockey.

A second outdoor rink was going to be added near the ball diamonds but unfortunately the water run off didn't allow for a rink to set.  Therefore, our Public Works team has added a second rink on the retention pond which can be found across the tracks on the south end of 19 Ave.

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Delburne Outdoor Rink to Open

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Delburne Council had a Special Meeting last night, Tuesday, December 15th to revisit the discussion of the outdoor rink after receiving plenty of feedback from the community. Council voted 3 – 2 to open the outdoor rink with restrictions.

These restrictions will include:

·         A maximum of 10 people on the ice at time

·         A mask, face shield, or helmet with shield must be worn

·         Adhering to all Government of Alberta Public Health Order Guidelines which can be found online at www.alberta.ca/covid19

A decision was also made to create a second ice surface in Delburne which will be located south of the bottom ball diamond. This ice surface will be for skating only. Hockey sticks will not be allowed on the second ice surface.

Public Works will be working on flooding the ice surfaces. It takes about a week to prepare so the rinks should be ready for skating later next week.

Council will continually revisit the discussion of the outdoor rinks as the health and safety of citizens is of their utmost concern. The community is asked to adhere to the outdoor rink regulations as abuse of the rules will result in the possible closure of the rinks.