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Main Street Park located north of the Village campground off of 20th Street and between 25th & 26th Avenues. There is lots of room to run and play with a great splash park, basketball court and playground. 

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Also located at Main Street Park is our outdoor gym with fitness equipment that is free to use at anytime!


Adjacent to the Fawn Meadows Golf & Country Club, there is a playground that is completely fenced that is designed for toddlers and small children.


The Delburne Centralized School playground is available for use during non-school hours.

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Memorial Tree Park:

The Delburne Memorial Tree Park is located on the East side of 20 ave. and is a lovely place to wander and sit a spell. The park was a fundraiser for the Delburne Futures Committee which gave residents a chance to dedicate a tree to a past resident, friend, or family member with a plaque at the base of their chosen tree. So take a walk on our walking trails and stop by and enjoy the Memorial Tree Park. 


Off Leash Dog Park:

Delburne has a fenced, off-leash area located on the DECRA grounds between the outdoor rink and the skate park. This is a great space to let your furry fido run unabashedly! Otherwise, all dogs must be leashed while in public spaces. All park areas are designated "No Dogs Allowed" that must be adhered to and are subject to fines (Bylaw 1115-2015 Section 4.10 and 4.13). For a complete list of Dog License Fees and Fines, as well as Dog Control Provisions Fines.

Please see Bylaw 1115/2015 Schedule "A" Fees and Charges Schedule, sections 3 and 4.