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Delburne Launches RED HEART CAMPAIGN


March 24, 2020

Delburne FCSS in collaboration with Delburne Family School Wellness Worker is launching the “RED HEART CAMPAIGN”.

In these current times we are facing uncertainty, despair and loneliness.  Now more than ever we need each other.  We need each other for support and to feel less alone.  Social distancing and self-isolation can take its toll on any of us. 

It is important to do positive messaging at this time. Our purpose with the RED HEART CAMPAIGN is to spread feelings of kindness, patience, love, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. 

The RED HEART CAMPAIGN is as simple as placing a red heart in your front window.  When your neighbours see the heart or people walk by, it will be like sending a virtual hug.  Your community will share a positive and heartwarming safe interaction with each other.

Please take the time to brighten someone’s day and proudly display a red heart!

Let’s get creative and decorate it.

We're in this together just a little further apart!

To download a printable poster, click HERE!

To download a printable heart, click HERE!

Join the Facebook group and share your heart pictures!

Delburne Red Heart Campaign Facebook Group

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​​​​​​Delburne's Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) Community Worker is Carol Kihn. Her role is to empower community members to move forward on what matters most to them. For intervention based issues, we provide referrals and connections to resources. FCSS funds are governed by a provincial mandate that focuses on prevention (not intervention or recreation). 


What does an FCSS Community Worker do?

  • Help people to develop independence, strengthen coping skills and become more resistant to crisis.
  • Help people to develop awareness of social needs.
  • Help people to develop interpersonal and group skills which enhance constructive relationship among people.
  • Help people and communities to assume responsibility for decisions and actions which affect them.
  • Provide supports that help sustain people as active participants in the community.

What is Family & Community Support Services?

Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) is a program offered by The Province of Alberta Ministry of Community and Social Services to local municipalities and Metis settlements. Involvement by the municipality is voluntary. 

If the municipality chooses to be involved, then FCSS provincial funding (80 per cent) must be matched with local tax dollars (20 per cent). This combined funding is then used to support preventive social initiatives, program, and services that are shown to enhance the social well-being of individuals, families, and/or the community. 

Each municipality has the autonomy to determine the FCSS process at the local level. For that reason, FCSS can look vastly different from one municipality to another.

Delburne Family & Community Support Services is a member of the Red Deer & District FCSS partnership.  This regional partnership of municipalities which are represented at the FCSS Board are as follows: 

  • City of Red Deer Municipal Council Members (2)
  • Red Deer County Council Members (2)
  • Town of Bowden Municipal Council Member (1)
  • Village of Delburne Municipal Council Member (1)
  • Village of Elnora Municipal Council Member (1)
  • Town of Penhold Municipal Council Member (1)
  • Members of the public (residents of Red Deer) (4)
 - Source: Red Deer & District FCSS website

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